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The Oort Cloud is literally the stuff at the edge of the Solar System, leftover from the Big Bang. It is the source of long-orbit comets and asteroids. This idea appeals to me as it echoes the wide-ranging experience of my 45 year career. From custom design/one-of-a-kind jewelry to contract production (available for hire) to Championship Wrestling/MMA Award Belts, I've done it all. And nearly from the beginning I've found myself teaching. For me, it's always about the process. Exploring the many and varied influences in the world of metals affords me the greatest enjoyment over a lifetime. I hope you enjoy as well.  


Proudly, an inspiring piece of Oort Cloud Jewelry has been published in a recent book, as of July 2014.

Mark R. Ramsour


The video displays the CAD layout, etching, construction, gem setting, platting, and leather work for a belt buckle.

- Jewelry & Accessories

- Pins & Tabletop Pieces

- Metal Miniatures

- Hydrapress Tooling

I have been producing jewelry and metal objects for 40+ years. The ability to achieve exquisite design is my thrusting force.

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