Mark R. Ramsour


Arizona Designer Craftsmen

Arizona Designer Craftsman was organized in June 1956 and  is committed to foster and advance contemporary crafts related activities in Arizona.

Society of North American Goldsmiths

A progressive organization that published Metalsmith Magazine and honors members of metalsmithing from around the world.

The Orchid Project

Ganoksin is dedicated to serve the information needs of the world's jewelers. It is Ganokskin mission to educate, improve working conditions and facilitate sharing between goldsmiths globally.  Within the site you will find the Orchid Project forum, blog, and galleries

Metalsmiths Unite! (the blog)

Metalsmiths ~~Metalsmiths Unite 2.0 is an online community of Metalsmithing artists ranging from beginners to professionals, in the fields of metalsmithing, jewelry, blacksmithing, bladesmithing and sculpture. May the flux be with you!

Trish McAleer

“Metal Corrugation” is a MUST for personal expression in creative jewelry and metal smithing applications. The book is heavily illustrated, 148 pages, 4-color, 8.5” x 11” with techniques certain to generate a fire of creativity within your soul.  The book explores tools used to achieve many textures specific to the process.

Midwest Wrestling - Reggie Parks (King of Belts)

Reggie Parks is responsible for creating over 1000 Wrestling belts.  He accomplished this feat with the assistance of Mark Ramsour as a sub-contractor for many of the belt projects. 

Tucson Parks & Recreation 

Tucson Parks & Recreation provided a monthly calendar of the leisure classes available for the Tucson community.  Mr. Ramsour a teacher for the Jewerly class currently located at the Randolph Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Lisa Mele

Lisa Mele is a local artist who work on custom designs for individuals.  Mark Ramsour has assisted with the completion of pieces now on display on her website.

Afghanistan Blog

Mr. Ramsour was invited to Afghanistan to teach the Afghanistan culture his craft.  Mark documented his travels and metalsmith training in a blog.

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I look forward to the opportunity to learn about you and answer any questions you have about my work and experience.

My commitment is to continually offer resources and tools to educate and connect our creative artist community.  Sharing ideas, skills, strengths, and experience will encourage the next generation of craftsmen and metalsmiths to follow in tradition, yet create new innovative and unique designs of their own.

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