Mark R. Ramsour


Metal Miniatures

The miniatures are replicas of hand weaponry which were originally inspired by watching Conan The Barbarian.   It took a high level of skill and patience to achieve the detail shown within these pieces.  Each intricate design is approximately the size of a straight pin.  The scale of the pieces are 1/12, one inch equals one foot.  The gallery includes a western inspired set of miniatures as well.   

Tabletop Pieces

Experience artistry influenced the tabletop pieces which are commonly used in the homes for which they were made.  Each piece was designed as a tool or for a purpose.  In addition these pieces can easily become an heirloom; passed from generation to generation. 


Metal pins are the most playful items that are created in Mr. Ramsour's shop.  The pins are made by manipulating bottle caps into interesting designs. Following, a copper frame is built around the bottle caps and beverage cans.  Next, copper sheet is formed around the inserted objects.  The copper naturally provides a variation of color through its oxidation process which creates a dynamic and layered effect.  The pieces are fun for everyone and in demand!

Bracelets and Rings

Another featured jewelry group are bracelets and rings.  Some bracelets shown are made using an exciting technique employing HydraPress Tooling.  The materials showcased in the bracelets are generally copper or silver, delightfully pleasing to the eye. Rings are fabricated much like necklaces and earrings; the size and shape of the stone and the individual wearer define its look.

Mark R. Ramsour's portfolio contains several galleries.  Below you may glimpse each individual gallery to view a summary of Mr. Ramsour's displayed pieces (click on the arrows to flip through the pictures).  By clicking the gallery's banner, you will be redirected to that specific gallery's web page.

Necklaces and Earrings

Each exquisite piece of jewelry is created with a specific process of jewelry making.  Two main thoughts are taken into consideration when developing a specialized piece for a person.  First is the size and shape of the stones or inlayed gems.  Secondly, and arguably the most important, for whom the custom piece is being designed.  Often the pieces are sought for the purpose of expressing love and are given as gifts of the celebration.