Mark R. Ramsour


Produced by: Victoria Lansford

Date Created: 2010

Title: Eastern Repousse and Chasing an Instructional DVD for Metalsmiths

In the Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters, take notice of the stone setting work of Mark Ramsour.  Learn the ancient techniques of Eastern repousse and chasing through 4 projects that take you from lines and texture through some of the highest most complex relief possible.

Metal Corrugation, Surface Embellishment and Element Formation for the Metalsmith

Publisher:  Trish McAleer

Date:  June 2002

A definitive guide to the use of corrugation techniques in metal formation with many color photo examples.

Lapidary Journal / Jewelry Artist 

Magazine Addition: June, 1999

Titled: Forge Welded Mokume Gane

A how to create copper-nickel mokume gane and the gas fired forge to create it.

Tucson EZ-Guide

Magazine Editions: June,1999 and February, 2010

Titled:  Mark Ramsour: Friend of Fire, Lover of Tools, and 36 Tucson Gem Shows

Complete Guide to the 2010 Tucson Showcase and road map of educations and experience.

Produced by: Mark R. Ramsour

Videographer: Chris Raboin

Date Created: February 2014

Design and production of a commemorative belt buckle was auctioned in support of the event.  The video displays the CAD layout, etching, construction, gem setting, platting, and leather work. 

Lapidary Journal / Jewelry Artist 

Magazine Annual Addition: January, 2010

Titled:  Classic Agate Cuff Project: Create a Timeless Design for a Fantastic Stone.

This process explores the creation of simple appliques created without a pitch bowl – a process unique to mark called “Stump Repousse”. 

Eastern Repousse & Chasing


On Body On Soul: Contemporary Armor and Amulets

Written by: Suzanne Ramljak

Published: June 24, 2014

From the beginning of time, armor and amulets have been used for protection and are found in cultures across the globe, and those who crafted them have been esteemed as artists by their communities. The contemporary examples showcased here, in 200 eye-catching images, demonstrate the enduring artistry of the forms and the crucial role such objects can play in safeguarding body and soul, especially in our current Age of Terror. An exciting array of protective hardware (armor, barriers, wearable weaponry) and protective "software" (charms, amulets, talismans), reveal a broad range of strategies for human defense. Focusing on work from the twenty-first century, this captivating book features some of today's finest artists and metalsmiths and testifies to the continued relevance of this creative pursuit.

YouTube Video; The Making of the 35th Annual Yuma Art Symposium Commemorative Belt Buckle

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My commitment is to continually offer resources and tools to educate and connect our creative artist community. Sharing ideas, skills, strengths, and experience will encourage the next generation of craftsmen and metalsmiths to follow in tradition, yet create new innovative and unique designs of their own.

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